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This website has a lot of information about stopping smoking. You can now change the way you think about smoking so you can stop smoking for good.

In the past several years, vaping has grown in popularity, and for many, it has been seen as a viable alternative to smoking cigarettes. Vaping is inhaling vaporized liquids, often called e-liquids, through an e-cigarette or vaping pipe. The e-liquid is usually a blend of glycol, glycerol, flavouring, and nicotine.

Although vaping is much safer than smoking cigarettes, there has already been a number of troubling side effects with increased risk of cardio-vascular disease.

Hypnotherapy is an alternative method of achieving smoking cessation that doesn’t involve any nicotine products.

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When you book with me you’re hiring the services of someone with many years experience in smoking cessation. I have been offering stop smoking hypnotherapy in Liverpool for more than 20 years. And, after a great deal of testing to find what works best, I have refined my approach to the best methods. I have continued to improve my method over time. And so you will be benefiting from all of this experience.


A 2nd session, free of charge and there for you, at any time in the future if needed. It’s unlikely you’d ever need it, but it’s nice to know you have it there!

Hypnotherapy has been used successfully on thousands of people to help them stop smoking. It’s been the choice of famous actors and actresses to help them quit the habit. Now you could also benefit from this therapy.

Stop smoking

Many well known celebrities have quit smoking using hypnotherapy. Are you ready to stop smoking?

Be more healthier

Are you worried about heart disease, lung cancer or other serious conditions smoking can cause?

Stop vaping

Stop vaping easily in only one session.

The Benefits of Stopping Smoking

  • Become so much healthier by no longer taking in cigarette smoke, with its over 70 deadly carcinogenic poisons into your body.
  • Imagine how much younger, fitter and more attractive you would become if your body’s processes were working to optimise your health and energy, rather than being damaged daily.
  • By quitting you will lengthen your life by many years or if not by many decades.
  • Save thousands of pounds more every year that you can spend on other things that you love.
  • Imagine how good food and drink will taste and smell, when your tastebuds recover.
  • How good you will feel when you are completely FREE from Nicotine Addiction?

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