Stop Smoking for Good

Hypnotherapy and NLP

This method has helped thousands of smokers quit easily and permanently without feeling anxious or deprived.

You see, every year only 6% of the smokers who try to quit eventually succeed.
This number is just too low.

It means that 94% of people who use willpower, nicotine gums, e-cigarettes, or other products… are failing to quit this addiction.

But why?
The Real Reason You Can’t Quit Smoking

When I ask clients why they smoke, the most common answers I get are:
“I enjoy it.”
“I need it.”
Or “I just do it. It’s a habit.”

See, the reason you enjoy, desire, need and even love smoking is that you’re mentally dependent on it.

Most people think that smoking is a physical addiction to nicotine and that it’s hard to break free.

But if physical addiction was the real problem…

Then why do most smokers give mental and emotional reasons for not quitting – like it relaxes me, I love it, or it’s my friend?
Why do ex-smokers relapse even after the withdrawal period is over? Even when there’s not a single trace of nicotine in their body?
What can cause someone to smoke 1 month or even 1 year after overcoming their nicotine addiction?

It’s the mental addiction

In fact, 80% of the smoking addiction, is made up of the mental dependence on smoking, which is how much you believe you enjoy or need smoking.

And only 20% of smoking, is the physical addiction to nicotine; the tobacco substance that first hooked you to this habit.

That’s what nicotine products and tobacco companies don’t want you to know.

The Desire for Smoking is Mental

Your mind is like a computer that runs many programs. These programs run on autopilot and help you do things quickly and automatically.

Most of those programs are helpful and useful – like opening doors, eating, reading, or walking.

Some programs, aren’t.

Smoking is a destructive program installed in your brain.

It runs automatically because it’s been part of your daily routine for many, many years.

All this time, you’ve been smoking while socialising, to relieve anxiety or boredom and concentrating.

So now, all those situations trigger your cravings and make you feel that if you quit, you will lose your ability to enjoy life or cope with challenges.

As you can see, all these reasons are mental. Not physical.

Why Nicotine Products Don’t Work.

You’ve probably tried to quit in the past with nicotine patches, gums, lozenges, and vaping.

But this almost never happens.

Because all these products only deal with the physical aspect of your addiction.
While your desire and need for smoking is mental.

Think about it.

When you sleep, you don’t smoke for 7 or 8 hours straight. If your physical addiction was the real problem, then it would wake you up every 1 hour just to smoke.

But… what happens if you go 8 straight hours without smoking during your day?

All hell breaks loose.

You’d go crazy.

Because your mind is awake.

And your mind (read: mental addiction) reminds you to smoke every time you talk on the phone, finish your meal, and feel anxious.

But physical cravings don’t wake you up.

Because they only make up 20% of your addiction.

But most of those methods deal only with the 20% of your addiction. So you’ve never had more than 20% chances of quitting successfully.

No wonder why quitting seemed hard!

But what if you did the opposite now?

What if you removed your desire for smoking – the 80% – to begin with?
Then quitting becomes inevitable without even needing willpower.

The Most Effective Way to Quit Smoking For Good

So how can you remove your psychological dependence on smoking and your desire for cigarettes?

With Hypnotherapy and NLP.  

When smokers try to stop with other methods they may suffer misery, craving and depression caused by feelings that they are being deprived of their pleasure or a crutch.

The beauty of this unique approach is that we use the best of traditional hypnotherapy techniques, and combine them with the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

If you really want to stop smoking, hypnotherapy and NLP can help you stop smoking in only one session.

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